Drinking coffee may help with weight loss, but there’s no evidence that adding lemon improves the effects. The two ingredients surely do have their individual benefits.

Probably two of the most common ingredients found lying about the house, both coffee and lemon have their individual benefits, but nutrition experts say there is no evidence to suggest that you lose weight when you have coffee and lemon, either individually or in combination. There may be some aid in the weight loss process for some, but that generally comes from drinking coffee — adding lemon to it does not enhance the effects.

If you switch your morning drink from a high-calorie frappe or shake, unsweetened black coffee with a lemon squeezed in it would be a healthier option, but it is no magic elixir.

There are also studies that show that coffee increases your basal metabolism rate (BMR). That’s because caffeine is known to block the neurotransmitter adenosine and increase stimulating neurotransmitters like dopamine. But in order to increase your BMR, one would need to drink at least 12 cups of coffee a day.

Having said that, lemon coffee does have some other health benefits. Just like any other caffeine-based drink, lemon coffee would act as a headache remedy. Research shows that it can be an effective way to block migraine pain. However, in some people caffeine is actually a trigger for migraines, so it is important that you test your body’s reaction before adding it to your morning routine.

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