Actor Akshay Kumar was recently spotted paying a visit to the temple of Baba Kedarnath.

Akshay Kumar’s brief visit to Kedarnath involved the actor offering prayers at the hallowed Baba Kedarnath temple. Akshay was dressed in all-black casuals as he was spotted on the premise. The actor was presumably already done offering his prayers, as his forehead can be seen smeared in sandalwood paste with a red tikka.

The actor also has a holy stole wrapped around his neck. Akshay could be seen conversing with fans as they surrounded him on his way out of the temple. There were many who wanted the opportunity to get photographed with the actor.

Akshay Kumar was spotted on a solo spiritual visit to the Baba Kedarnath temple. This comes ahead of him playing the role of Lord Shiva in OMG 2.

Some images circulating online also show the actor exiting the temple while hailing Baba Kedarnath with his hands adjoined. Akshay is also donning a Rudaraksh necklace on his neck and a Rudaraksh bracelet on his wrist. Akshay’s visit to the Baba Kedarnath temple comes ahead of his upcoming film OMG 2 in which he will be seen in the role of Lord Shiva.

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