Dharmendra Pradhan, union education minister met with his Singaporean counterpart, Chan Chun Sing, and together they reached an agreement to expand their current partnership through various institutional mechanisms.

Their focus will primarily be on enhancing the capabilities of teachers and trainers, integrating future-oriented skills into education, and fostering skill development within the ecosystem. The purpose of Pradhan’s visit was to strengthen the existing ties between the two countries and explore opportunities for further collaboration in the fields of education and skill development, according to an official statement.

In the upcoming G20 Education Ministers’ Meeting in Pune, a delegation from Singapore will actively participate. Additionally, during his visit, Pradhan took the opportunity to visit Skills Future Singapore, a significant initiative by the Singaporean government aimed at preparing the nation for the future. Skills Future Singapore (SSG) plays a crucial role in driving and coordinating the implementation of the national Skills Future movement. It fosters a culture of lifelong learning and emphasises the pursuit of skills mastery while strengthening Singapore’s education and training ecosystem. Pradhan acknowledged that Skills Future envisions transforming Singapore into a society that highly values skills mastery and embraces lifelong learning, the statement mentioned.

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