“Bacche Easy…”:Pakistan Star Sends Message to Virat Kohli Following fight with Naveen Ul Haq, Claims Teammate

During IPL 2023, Virat Kohli of Royal Challengers Bangalore and Naveen ul Haq of Lucknow Super Giants got into a verbal brawl, with Gautam Gambhir, the former LSG coach, getting involved as well.

Virat Kohli and Naveen ul Haq’s clash at the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2023 will live on in memory. Royal Challengers Bangalore’s Virat Kohli and the Lucknow Super Giants’ Naveen ul Haq got into a verbal brawl, with Gautam Gambhir—the former LSG coach—getting involved as well. It was at the Cricket World Cup that Virat Kohli and Naveen ul Haq faced off once more.  India’s World Cup 2023 match vs Afghanistan was made more interesting by the face-off storyline. But something lovely happened. An embrace was shared by Virat Kohli and Naveen Ul Haq. Instantly following the event, the photos became viral.

However, Imam-ul-Haq, a star of the Pakistan cricket team, stated in a recent podcast that his teammate Agha Ali Salman messaged the star of the Indian cricket team on Instagram following Virat Kohli and Naveen Ul Haq’s altercation during the IPL. “The altercation became viral. Agha Ali Salman sent Virat Kohli a message on Instagram following the battle with the caption, “Kohli bacche easy ho ja.” How much does it cost? “Go easy on Kohli,” Imam remarked.

Imam Ul Haq reveals that Agha Salman texted Virat Kohli on Instagram, pleading with him to cool off. In an interview with the Lucknow Super Giants, Naveen ul Haq discussed the incident and how Virat Kohli made things right between them. Virat Kohli followers had frequently made fun of Naveen Ul Haq following their altercation on the pitch. “He asked, ‘Let’s finish it?’ I replied, ‘Yes, let’s finish it.’ Then we laughed, gave each other a hug, and moved on. “You won’t hear my name after this,” or anything like, and “you’ll only get support from the crowd.” “Yeah (smiles),” Naveen stated in a video released by the Lucknow Super Giants, his IPL team. “I’m going to stick up for my buddy. We are a team because of this.”

Naveen Ul Haq added that the Afghanistan cricket team felt like they were playing at home because of the support they received while playing in India. We have the backing of, I believe, every game. We received no support at all during the one game we played in Delhi against India (smiles). “We felt like we were at home in every game, aside from that,” he remarked.

Following Kohli’s reconciliation, the Indian cricket supporters appeared to make a U-turn and applauded Naveen Ul Haq. The audience was resolutely in favour of Afghanistan during a Cricket World Cup match versus England in New Delhi, and Naveen was showered with praises from them the entire time. A widely shared video on social media showed the boisterous applause of the audience after Naveen removed Jos Buttler of England, setting up a historic victory over the reigning champions. Afghanistan shocked everyone by defeating England, the reigning champions, by 69 runs in one of the biggest upsets in Cricket World Cup history.

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