Mumtaz Shows Off Her Koi Sehri Babu Moves To Asha Bhosle in One Viral Video, Two Originals

Asha Bhosle is seen dancing to the song in the video and extending an invitation to Mumtaz to join her.

Saying that seasoned actress Mumtaz was the queen of Indian cinema in the 1960s and 1970s would not be an exaggeration. She made many beautiful films for Bollywood, such as Himmat, Mela, Hamraaz, and Aaina. Her dance moves, in addition to her excellent acting, really made an impression on the crowd. Currently, a widely shared video on the Internet demonstrates that the star is still unstoppable at the age of 76. Retired singer Asha Bhosle is seen dancing to Koi Sehri Babu Dil Lehri Babu in the video, which was posted on Instagram. She extends an invitation to Mumtaz to join her. Mumtaz soon assumes centre stage and breaks into a joyful dance to the hit song from her movie Loafer. Bollywood fans praised Mumtaz’s dance routines and Asha Bhosle’s captivating voice even when the film was first released in 1973.

Happy emojis and compliments for the seasoned actor have deluged the comments area from his admirers. Someone commented, “Oh my God… Respected Mumtaz ji, you kill me with the way you move and how sharp every stride is.Who can declare that you are currently this age?We are fortunate enough to live through your period, and it’s a pleasure to see you. Wow. Love, love, love. A another admirer stated, “Mumtaz was always a class apart.” Still really elegant. “Wahhh, two legends together, I’m speechless.”

The two renowned celebrities were dancing in honour of Diwali 2023. You might wonder how we know. In fact, Mumtaz shared a photo of the pair on social media with the message, “Celebrating Diwali with Asha Bhosle Ji.” Asha Bhosle can be seen wearing a white saree in the Instagram post, while Mumtaz is standing behind her and is clothed in a black ethnic outfit. A hug is observed between the two celebrities.

The seasoned actress and the talented musician had previously exchanged a photo. They may be seen posing for the camera while lounging on a sofa. The photo’s caption said, “Asha Bhosle Ji with Mumtaz.”

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