Malaika Arora was not involved in Giorgia Andriani’s breakup with Arbaaz Khan, according to Giorgia Andriani: “No interference from her side.”

Rumours that Arbaaz Khan’s ex-wife Malaika Arora was the cause of their breakup were refuted by Giorgia Andriani.

After dating for a few years, actor-producer Arbaaz Khan and Giorgia Andriani recently broke up. While many conjectured that star Malaika Arora, Arbaaz’s ex-wife, could have been the cause of their split, Giorgia claims this is not at all the case. Giorgia stated that “there was no interference from her side” in a recent interview. She also disclosed the cause of her split from Arbaaz.

“There was no interference from her side, ever,” Giorgia told Hindustan Times in response to claims that Malaika was the reason behind her breakup with Arbaaz. We broke up for no cause other than her. Giving more details about the real reason behind their breakup, she said, “I value similar interests in a relationship, but sadly we didn’t share any mutual interests, which was not favourable for our relationship.” She went on, “Because I am a whimsical person, I like to travel whenever I feel like it. When I have spare time, I go where I want to go. He didn’t desire the same things, and it didn’t feel right. Arbaaz enjoys watching documentaries and films while relaxing. I’m not like other people; I can’t sit. Giorgia highlighted that although their romantic relationship ended, she and Arbaaz remained friends. “People are usually resentful of each other after a separation and don’t say much to each other, but that’s not how things are with us. He and I still joke around, and I still love him. So, yeah, she said, “We still communicate.”


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