Live updates from the IPL 2024 auction: DC acquires Powell for ₹7.40 cr, SRH purchases Head for ₹6.80 cr, and Brook for ₹4 cr.

IPL Auction 2024 Live Updates: Keep track of all the most recent information, records, acquisitions, and sums of money spent by all ten franchises at the IPL mini auction in Dubai in 2024.

The countdown starts as soon as the clock ticks down. This is the time of year when all ten Indian Premier League teams embark on a spending binge in an attempt to put together the greatest team possible for the next Indian Premier League season. Yes, it is correct. On this day of the Indian Premier League, more than 300 players are scheduled to be auctioned off. Out of the more than 1100 players who initially registered for the auction, the teams selected 333. And as of last night, 332 is the final count after a withdrawal. Will they all be sold? Probably not, but the majority of them guarantee to recruit participants for today’s “mini” event.

Having said that, don’t be misled by the word. Even while it’s not quite as spectacular as the two-day IPL big auction, today’s event in Dubai is still quite impressive. Mitchell Starc, Pat Cummins, Travis Head, Rachin Ravindra, and other celebrities are on the star-studded list, and they all guarantee to provide an engaging eight or more hours of entertainment. And hello, hello! In order to acquire some of the top players available, the returning Rishabh Pant will be on the Delhi Capitals table employing all of his strategies and methods.

Let’s move on to the trivia. The ten teams have an incredible purse of ₹262.95 crore from which to choose. The Gujarat Titans have the largest purse, with ₹38.15 crore, while the Sunrisers Hyderabad have the second-biggest purse, ₹34 crore. The other two teams with more than ₹30 crore to spend are Chennai Super Kings and Kolkata Knight Riders. With ₹28.95 crore, ₹23.25 crore, and ₹29.1 crore, respectively, to hone their player rosters, Delhi Capitals, Royal Challengers Bangalore, and Punjab Kings too have an abundance of cash. In comparison to its rivals, the Mumbai Indians (₹17.75 crore), Lucknow Super Giants (₹13.15 crore), and Rajasthan Royals (₹14.5 crore) have the smallest war chests.

Out of 213 Indians and 116 foreigners, the teams can choose to occupy a total of 77 places. It follows a straightforward format. Based on their skill set, players are placed into various sets and will be available for grabs as soon as their names are taken out of the bag. After conducting the WPL auction recently, Mallika Sagar will succeed Hugh Edmeades as the first female auctioneer in the 16-year IPL history. There are a number of different price points.

Shardul Thakur, Harshal Patel, and Umesh Yadav are among the 23 players who have registered for the highest pricing category, which is ₹2 crore. Then there are the brackets for ₹1 crore, ₹75 lakh, ₹50 lakh, ₹20 lakh, and so forth.

The IPL 2024 auction’s stocks have increased due to the involvement of certain players, but there are also some noteworthy absences. The most active are Joe Root, Shakib Al Hasan, and the England team of Ben Stokes and Jofra Archer. Still, this is such a huge occasion that nothing can detract from the splendour of what’s ahead. Fans required this kind of lead-up to the auction since they know that the 2024 IPL will be even greater. The announcement that Hardik Pandya will captain the Mumbai Indians for the first time in an IPL season—which also happens to be MS Dhoni’s final season—has already generated a great deal of controversy. Even before the new year has officially begun, there has been a stir over the return of two young Indian captains to the forefront, Shreyas Iyer and Pant, and the return of Gautam Gambhir to KKR as their mentor. The actual start date of the IPL 2024 is not yet known, however it is anticipated to begin on March 22.

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