In the Chunnabhatti fire case, four people are being detained in Mumbai.

To find the accused, the police had set up nine teams. Today’s court appearance is scheduled for all of the detained accused.

The Chunnabhatti police have detained four persons after they allegedly opened fire in the Azad Nagar area. Nine squads of police had been assembled to apprehend the accused. Today, every accused person who had been detained appeared in court. The names of the defendants are Austosh Gavand, Sagar Sawant, Narendra Patil, and Sunil Patil, also known as Sunny. Up to January 5, police custody has been granted to each of the suspects.

Sunday saw the unidentified perpetrators in Chunabhatti open fire, leaving one person dead and four others—including a minor—hurt. When the suspected offenders opened fire on Sunil Yerunkar, 46, and four other people on December 24 at 3:30 p.m., the situation became public knowledge. Yerunkar has been sent to Sion Hospital together with other injured people, one of them a minor. That being said, the physicians pronounced him dead.


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