Prior to the start of the New Year, Mumbai Police on Monday issued preventive restrictions regarding the city’s use of firecrackers.

Ahead of the New Year, Mumbai Police on Monday issued preventive measures regarding the popping of firecrackers in some areas of the city.

The Mumbai Police issued the preventive order, which states that no one is allowed to set off or throw any fireworks, firecrackers, or rockets at any location within 500 metres of bottling plant buffer zones and the following area of Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. and Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd., Mahul Road, Chembur, Mumbai-400074, for the period of December 24, 2023, to January 31, 2024 (both days inclusive).

An official stated, “It is a regular preventive order.”

The police also included a list of locations where using firecrackers is absolutely forbidden in the order.

1. Outside the refinery perimeter of Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd. and Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd.
2. Terminal Area of Mahul.
3. BDU Plant Area, Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd.
4. The BDU Plant Area of Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd.
5. Exiting the Special Oil Refinery after a 15 to 50 acre area.

Notwithstanding any prior orders issued in this regard, the following order was being issued to prevent blockage, discomfort, annoyance, danger, or damage to the public:

1. Without a licence from the Commissioner of Police, any other police officer designated by the Commissioner of Police, or the State Government to grant such a licence, no one may sell, possess, offer, display, carry, or expose firecrackers and fireworks for the purpose of selling them in any public area within the limits of Mumbai.
2. The effective date of this order is December 24, 2023, and it expires on January 31, 2024.
3. The term “fireworks” refers to the explosives listed in clause 7 of the Explosive Rules of 1983.

Police in Raigad seize Three held 1,500 kg gelatin sticks and 70 kg detonators.

A police officer said on Monday that the Raigad Police in Maharashtra had found 1,500 kg of gelatin sticks and 70 kg of electric detonators in the Raigad district, as reported by the PTI. He claimed that three people have been detained in relation to the incident for allegedly transporting and storing these products without the necessary authorization, according to a Monday official statement, as reported by the PTI. He claimed that when traffic on the Mangaon-Neejampur road was stopped on Sunday, detonators and gelatin sticks were discovered.

“We discovered 159 kg of gelatin sticks from a man in Pali and 180 kg from Pen after questioning the driver. According to the PTI, he stated, “We have seized four boxes of detonators, totaling 70 kg in weight, and 50 boxes of gelatin sticks, totaling 1,500 kg.

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