A $75 million loss is caused by the earthquake in China’s hardest-hit region.

As of Friday, the earthquake had claimed 148 lives and injured 781, according to the official Xinhua News Agency.

A northwest region that is home to the epicentre of China’s worst earthquake since 2014 has suffered a direct economic loss of 532 million yuan ($74.6 million), according to a report released on Saturday by the national broadcaster. According to preliminary estimates provided by Gansu provincial officials, the natural disaster caused losses totaling 102 million yuan in grain production and 345 million yuan in animal husbandry, according to China Central Television.

The official Xinhua News Agency reported that as of Friday, the 6.2-magnitude earthquake on Monday had killed 148 people and injured 781 others. This information coincided with the assessment of the earthquake’s financial impact. Chinese Premier Li Qiang urged local officials to promptly share information on disaster relief and actively address people’s worries during a visit to the affected areas on Saturday. The undeveloped province of Gansu, whose economic output was rated 27th out of 31 Chinese provinces and municipalities as of 2022, is expected to see greater financial strain as a result of the earthquake.


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