Priyanka Gandhi was mentioned in the PMLA case’s ED charge sheet.

Priyanka has not been mentioned before, despite the fact that Thampi’s close aide Vadra has been named by the ED in previous charge sheets pertaining to the case.

New Delhi: According to the Enforcement Directorate, Robert Vadra, the son-in-law of former Congress president Sonia Gandhi, and his daughter Priyanka Gandhi Vadra purchased land in Haryana from a real estate agent in Delhi. The Enforcement Directorate further stated that Vadra and Thampi have a “long and thick” relationship that encompasses “common and business interests.”

The broader issue concerns Sanjay Bhandari, a fugitive arms trader who is being investigated by several authorities for violating the Official Secrets Act, foreign exchange and black money regulations, and money-laundering. In 2016, he left India for the United Kingdom. Together with British national Sumit Chadha, Thampi has been charged with helping Bhandari conceal illicit gains. This is the first time Priyanka Gandhi has been cited in a formal court filing, despite the fact that the ED had previously listed Robert Vadra as a close aide of Thampi in charge sheets relating to the case.

The federal agency filed a charge sheet in November, claiming that Vadra did not pay the entire amount due for the sale of the land, and that estate agent HL Pahwa, who sold properties to both Vadra and Thampi, took cash out of the books for the acquisition of the land in Haryana. Additionally, the agency stated that Pahwa sold Agricultural Land to Priyanka Gandhi in 2006 and later purchased it back from her in 2010. The land transactions have been brought forward to establish a connection between Thampi and Vadra, however Robert Vadra and Priyanka Gandhi have not been listed as accused.

Vadra was also referenced in a news release issued by the agency on Tuesday, which HT reported, about the acquisition of a London property that is involved in the investigation.The charge sheet describes the relationship between Thampi and Vadra in detail, saying, “It is discovered during the course of this case’s investigation that CC Thampi and Robert Vadra have a long and thick relationship.” Not only do they share a friendly and personal relationship, but they also have comparable business interests.

When Thampi was detained in January 2020, he purportedly informed the ED that he had known Vadra for more than ten years and that they had met multiple times when Vadra travelled to Delhi and the United Arab Emirates.

According to the ED, Thampi purchased 486 acres of land in the Haryana village of Amipur between 2005 and 2008 by using Pahwa’s services. It is important to note that Robert Vadra also bought three parcels of land in Amipur from [the same] HL Pahwa in 2005 and 2006, and in December 2010 he sold Pahwa the same parcels of land measuring 334 kanals (40.08 acres). Additionally, the charge sheet stated that Robert Vadra’s wife, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, bought 40 kanals (5 acres) of agricultural land from Pahwa in the village of Amipur in April 2006 and sold it to Pahwa in February 2010.

The ED said that Pahwa was getting money for the purchase of land that wasn’t recorded in the records. The agency stated that “investigation in this regard is still ongoing” and that “it was also noticed that Robert Vadra did not pay the entire sale consideration to Pahwa”. Details of additional financial exchanges between Vadra and Thampi have also been made available by ED. For example, it has been alleged that Thampi paid with checks drawn from his non-resident external account for the purchase of a Land Cruiser automobile from Vadra.

Regarding the London house that is being investigated, the ED has stated that Bhandari bought it in December 2009 and used Robert Vadra’s money to remodel it. Vadra also spent “three-four” nights at the address, 12 Bryanston Square, according to ED. It further stated, “CC Thampi, Sumit Chadha, and Robert Vadra were the common thread with regard to the said (London) property starting from the date of acquisition to its use.”

Since 2020, ED has maintained that Vadra owns the property in question, which was valued at 1.9 million pounds at the time, and that Thampi was instrumental in helping to acquire it. Vadra had stated earlier in January 2020 that “truth has no place in this country…it’s a free for all.” The witch hunt lasts for over ten years. In only one more decade, we’ll be talking about the events of 2010, 2011, 2012, and so forth.

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