4 people are being charged with defrauding a lady doctor out of Rs 1.54 crore.

Under the guise of setting up funds for a hospital in the Thane district of Maharashtra, police have filed a case against four people who defrauded a woman doctor of Rs 1.54 crore, an official said on Thursday.

In a healthcare company, the accused and the victim were partners. The victim was told by the accused in May 2021 that a hospital in the Bhiwandi area that their company was handling was losing money, and they requested that she take out a loan in her husband’s name to keep the medical institution operating.

The victim then obtained a loan from a cooperative bank in this area for Rs 1,94,23,180 in her husband’s name, and the money was transferred into the healthcare company’s account, according to a police station officer from Bhiwandi taluka who cited the victim’s complaint.

However, the lawsuit stated that the accused allegedly stole Rs 1,54,17,500 from it and used it for their own gain without the victim’s knowledge. The police filed a case against four people on Monday for allegedly defrauding a female doctor, based on the allegation. According to the official, the police filed a complaint under Indian Penal Code sections 34 (common intention), 420 (cheating), and 406 (criminal breach of trust). An investigation was underway.

Another incident involved a 54-year-old Panvel, Maharashtra, resident who, while purchasing dried fruits, lost almost Rs three lakh to an internet scam, police reported on Wednesday.

The woman claims that on September 20, she saw an advertisement for a dry-fruits company on Facebook and placed an order for some dry fruits. She called the number listed in the advertising, and the person on the other end told her how to use an app that uses UPI to make payments. When she did as he asked, he informed her that the transaction had not gone through. She subsequently discovered, however, that her bank account had been used to withdraw Rs 3,09,337.

She told the cops that she had tried to call the person again but was unable to do so. On Tuesday, the Panvel police station received a report of cheating in violation of IPC section 420 and pertinent parts of the Information Technology Act. An investigation was initiated, according to the police.

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