Pune Jails Install Washing Machines to control skin diseases .

The surge in skin diseases among inmates due to extreme overcrowding in state prisons has prompted a proactive response from the Maharashtra state prison department. In an unprecedented move to address this health concern, the department has introduced washing machines within jail facilities.

The initiative has taken a significant step forward with the implementation of washing machines at the Yerwada Central Prison in Pune, marking it as the pioneer in this innovative approach to inmate hygiene. This marks a crucial departure from traditional prison practices, signaling a commitment to enhancing living conditions for incarcerated individuals.

Recognizing the pressing need for such interventions, all jails within the state have collectively placed an order for a total of 193 washing machines. This comprehensive approach aims not only to tackle the immediate issue of skin diseases but also to instill a more hygienic and improved living environment within prison facilities across Maharashtra. The introduction of modern amenities like washing machines underscores a broader effort to address health and well-being concerns in the challenging context of overcrowded state prisons.

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