‘Sikh Seva’ for the Ram Mandir at Loni’, Pune.

Amid the unfolding auspicious ceremony of Shree Ram Mandir Pran Pratishtha in Ayodhya, a jubilant celebration sweeps across India, giving rise to heartening tales from diverse corners. In Pune’s Loni Kalbhor, the Sikh community, aligned with the Sikh Sangth Sahib Sanstha, contributed a distinctive touch to the festivities. Their gracious gesture involved distributing more than 1000 glasses of Gulab Milkshake to pedestrians along the thoroughfares leading to the Ram Dhara Temple, infusing the surroundings with an abundance of sweetness and joy.


Simultaneously, across India, the spirit of ‘Sikh Seva’ for the Ram Mandir resonates, showcasing diverse acts of service. In different regions, devoted individuals engage in selfless contributions, exemplifying the essence of community and unity. From organizing langars to extending support in various forms, these Sikh Seva initiatives aim to enhance the celebratory spirit and foster a sense of togetherness.

In addition to Loni Kalbhor’s heartening Gulab Milkshake distribution, Sikh Seva initiatives have been witnessed nationwide. Communities come together, engaging in philanthropic endeavors that range from food distributions to community events, all centered around the joyous occasion of the Shree Ram Mandir Pran Pratishtha.

This collective effort transforms the celebrations into a mosaic of shared joy, where diverse communities contribute their unique flavors to the grand tapestry of festivities surrounding the consecration of the Shree Ram Mandir. As the nation unites in these acts of kindness, the resonance of unity and shared celebration echoes far beyond the confines of Ayodhya, creating a lasting legacy of communal harmony and goodwill.

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