Amid Jharkhand political crisis, Ranchi court dramatically grants Hemant Soren voting rights in the floor test

A special Ranchi court has given former Chief Minister Hemant Soren permission to take part in the pivotal floor test that is set for February 5 under an intensified political crisis in Jharkhand.

This ruling, which affects the future of recently appointed Chief Minister Champai Soren, comes after the Enforcement Directorate (ED) voiced significant objections.

The JMM’s (Jharkhand Mukti Morcha) leader, Hemant Soren, was permitted by the court to actively participate in the voting process in spite of the ED’s objections. Advocate General Rajiv Ranjan revealed—and the JMM echoed—that the detention of Hemant Soren was seen as an attempt to topple the government by keeping one MLA from casting a ballot in the floor test.

For JMM-Congress, who claim BJP is trying to steal their MLAs, the court’s decision is seen as an excellent move forward. This choice gives the state’s ongoing power struggle a new angle while the political climate remains unstable.

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