PM Modi Criticised Congress Legacy: J&K paid Heavy Price and Nehru’s Mistakes

In a recent parliamentary address, Prime Minister Narendra Modi criticised the Congress party and its leaders, particularly Jawaharlal Nehru, attributing the challenges faced by Kashmir to Nehru’s policies. Modi asserted that the people of Jammu and Kashmir had paid a “heavy price” for Nehru’s mistakes, emphasising the scrapping of Article 370 as a major achievement for the BJP.

Modi highlighted Nehru’s reported remark about Indians’ work habits being different from those of Europeans and Americans, accusing Nehru of not believing in the potential of the Indian people. He also highlighted Indira Gandhi’s similar perspective, recalling her words from a speech given from the Red Fort against defeatism and complacency.

While acknowledging the positive changes in Kashmir, including increased tourism and international recognition, Modi reiterated the question of who was responsible for the initial challenges. He argued that discussing Nehru’s role in shaping Kashmir’s destiny made the Congress uncomfortable.

In this pre-election speech, Modi criticised Rahul Gandhi for his “Mohabbat ka Dukaan” (Shop of Love) campaign and accused Nehru of leaving a “huge split” in the constitution. Overall, the Prime Minister emphasised the need to address historical decisions that, according to him, influenced the current state of Jammu and Kashmir.

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