Landmark Decision: Maharashtra cabinet greenlights 10% reservation for Marathas, bill set for introduction

Big news from Maharashtra! The state Cabinet has given the green light to a proposal suggesting a 10% reservation for the Maratha community. This proposal is a big deal because it goes beyond the 50% reservation limit usually set in Maharashtra.

The report, which got the Cabinet’s stamp of approval on Tuesday, comes from the Maharashtra Backward Class Commission. It says that the Maratha community faces social and educational challenges and recommends giving them a 10% reservation in education and government jobs.

To make this recommendation a reality, the Maharashtra Government plans to introduce a Bill today.

The Commission submitted its report last Friday, suggesting that the Maratha community should be officially recognized under Article 342A(3) of the Indian Constitution. It says that reservations should be extended to them under Article 15(4), 15(5), and Article 16(4). The report also notes that 84% of Marathas are not well-off.

The report talks about special circumstances that justify going over the usual 50% reservation limit. It stresses the importance of giving Marathas a 10% reservation in both public services and educational institutions.

Quoting the report, it says, “There are special and unusual circumstances recognized by the Commission, which allow for more than 50% reservation to the Maratha community in admission to civil institutions and public service jobs.”

Additionally, the report highlights the significance of this reservation, saying, “A 10% reservation for the Maratha community in public services and educational institution admissions is necessary and clear.”

Wrapping up, the report suggests, “It’s a good idea to make special rules through laws to reserve spots in public services for those who are socially and educationally behind, and for admissions to educational institutions not mentioned in Clause (1) of Article 30 of the Indian Constitution.


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