Sharad Pawar, a former politician, is getting ready to make a comeback after facing a big setback in his career. This happened when his nephew, Ajit Pawar, caused a split in their party. The Election Commission supported Ajit Pawar’s group, allowing them to keep the name and symbol of the Nationalist Congress Party. This is a big problem for Sharad Pawar, who is 84 years old, especially since important elections are coming up soon.

Choosing a new name and symbol for the political party is Sharad Pawar’s group’s  top priority in light of the upcoming elections to the Rajya Sabha, Lok Sabha, and state legislatures. After the Election Commission gave them a one-time opportunity to select a name, talks were held, with a preference for a name that would appeal to the majority of people on a nationalist level. Options for symbols include sunglasses, the rising sun, and sunflowers.

Jitendra Awhad, a former minister and adviser to Sharad Pawar, expressed confidence despite tough times, comparing Pawar’s resilience to a phoenix. Jitendra Awhad emphasised that Sharad Pawar still holds influence among people in Maharashtra despite the setback. However, there are challenges, especially in making people aware of the new party identity. If steps aren’t taken to introduce the new image quickly, rural voters may still associate the clock symbol with Sharad Pawar, giving Ajit Pawar’s group an advantage in elections. Sharad Pawar’s camp has appealed to the Supreme Court, reinforcing the feelings of injustice and political conspiracy, in an attempt to overturn the Commission’s decision. Ahead of the elections, the already complex political scene is made more so by the impending court struggle.

Despite possible changes in his negotiating points, Sharad Pawar’s position within the opposition alliance is still crucial in light of these events. Despite the loss, alliances are expected to stay strong in Maharashtra, with Sharad Pawar’s side keeping the Congress and the Shiv Sena.

While the Election Commission’s ruling may have provided respite to Ajit Pawar’s group, the political saga surrounding the NCP’s internal strife continues to unfold, shaping the contours of Maharashtra’s political landscape in the run-up to the impending polls.

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