Mohammed Shami challenges criticism: ‘What’s the problem in saying Jai Shri Ram or Allahu Akbar… What difference does it make?

Indian cricketer Mohammed Shami has stirred up controversy by stating that chanting phrases like ‘Jai Shri Ram’ and ‘Allahu Akbar’ repeatedly is harmless and should not be a problem.

Shami, who is currently recovering from a heel injury, addressed the issue, where he expressed his views on religious chants and actions on the cricket field.

He mentioned that in every religion, there are a few people who might dislike those from different faiths, but he personally has no objection to it.

Referring to the incident during India’s World Cup win against Sri Lanka where he didn’t perform Sajdah after taking a wicket, Shami questioned why there should be a problem in saying ‘Jai Shri Ram’ if a Ram Mandir is being built.

Explaining a previous incident where he went down on his knees on the field, which was misinterpreted as an attempt to perform Sajdah, Shami clarified that it was due to exhaustion and not a religious gesture.

He emphasized that he is proud to be a Muslim and an Indian, prioritizing his country above all else. He also dismissed controversies and social media gossip, stating that he is not concerned about those who create trouble online.

Shami concluded by saying that if he had wanted to perform Sajdah, he would have done so, but it’s not something others should worry about.

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