Jaya Kishori the spiritual bliss to lead Shri Ram katha satsang in Pune

The Jagdish Mulik Foundation is getting ready to host a Shri Ram Katha Satsang in Sangamwadi on February 10th at 4:30 p.m. in Pune. They’re getting everything ready for this unique event where a famous katha vachak Jaya Kishori will share stories about Lord Ram and will take everyone on a meaningful spiritual journey.

The foundation, led by former MLA Jagdish Mulik, is working hard to make sure everyone has a meaningful experience. The venue is Sangamwadi, Yogesh Mulik, who used to be a corporator, is inviting everyone to join. He says it will be a wonderful time, with Jaya Kishori sharing her beautiful words.

Jaya Kishori has been interested in spirituality since she was very young. She believes that family and good parenting are really important in shaping good people. Her talks are easy to understand and are meant for people of all ages. So, everyone, from kids to grandparents, can come and enjoy the event. Pune is excited to welcome Jaya Kishori and share in this special experience of the Shri Ram Katha Satsang, hoping to feel a sense of devotion and wisdom together.

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