Parents pull kids out of ravet schools amid PCMC’s de-recognition threat

Parents are taking their children out of schools in Ravet because the government may not recognize them anymore. This is happening because the schools didn’t follow some rules. The government checked the schools and found out that they didn’t renew their permission to run the school. They also didn’t do a safety check to make sure the school is safe in case of a fire.

The schools also didn’t give some important papers that show they are allowed to teach a certain curriculum. They didn’t give papers about how they manage transportation for students, how much fees they charge, and if they meet with parents to discuss school matters. And, they haven’t paid taxes for their school buildings for nine years.

The government has told the higher authorities that they should stop recognizing these schools. They are waiting for a decision on this.

When a committee from the government checked the schools, they found only two schools and not the three schools that the schools said they had. There was also a hostel, but it was not allowed by the government. The government has asked another department to take action against this illegal hostel.

The government has also asked the Charity Commissioner’s Office to file a complaint against the people who run these schools for breaking the rules.

There’s confusion about the number of schools and hostels. The schools said there were three schools and a hostel, but the government found only two schools and an illegal hostel. There was no proof of a residential school as claimed by the schools.

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