Elon Musk strongly criticizes advertisers following allegations of anti-Semitism.

In a heated interview on Wednesday, billionaire Elon Musk warned advertisers who had left his social media platform X because to antisemitic content to “go f*** yourself”.

In a New York Times DealBook Summit interview, he first expressed regret for a tweet on November 15 that agreed with an anti-Jewish post on X, before making his foul-mouthed comments. Since agreeing with a user on Nov. 15 who falsely claimed that Jews were inciting hatred against White people, Musk has come under heavy fire. Musk argued that the person, who made reference to the “Great Replacement” conspiracy theory, was speaking “the actual truth. “Musk claimed on Wednesday that he had “handed a loaded gun” to his critics, characterising the message as arguably the worst in his history, which included other “foolish” ones.

The CEO of Tesla sneered at the notion that he was antisemitic, claiming repeatedly that “f*** you” to advertisers who left X, the original name of Twitter, should not be taken as a way to blackmail him. He once added the phrase “Hey Bob,” seemingly referring to Walt Disney CEO Robert Iger, who dropped advertisements on X. According to the “Great Replacement” idea, Marxists and Jews are orchestrating the racial and cultural replacement of white populations with non-white immigrants, which would result in a “white genocide.” Musk said on Wednesday that he had “handed a loaded gun” to his detractors, calling the communication—which also included some “foolish” ones—perhaps the worst in his history.

The Tesla CEO mocked the idea that he was antisemitic, saying time and time again that it was not appropriate to use the phrase “f*** you” to advertisers who departed from X, the original name of Twitter, as a kind of blackmail. He once added, “Hey Bob,” presumably in reference to Robert Iger, the CEO of Walt Disney, who began airing commercials on X.

The theory of “Great Replacement” holds that non-white immigrants are racializing and culturally replacing white populations, a process that would lead to a “white genocide,” and that Marxists and Jews are masterminding it.

In their discussion following Musk’s critique of the Anti-Defamation League, Netanyahu encouraged the billionaire to find a middle ground between safeguarding online free speech and combatting hate speech.


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