Poonam Pandey fake death scam

Model and reality TV star, Poonam Pandey, death news spread by her PR team was a rumors, clarifying her alive status after her manager’s earlier announcement of her demise due to cervical cancer.

Pandey expresses regret for any distress caused and defends her unconventional approach as an attempt to provoke discussion on the often-overlooked issue of cervical cancer awareness. The 32-year-old emphasises the preventability of cervical cancer through HPV vaccination and early detection tests.

While criticised for the unconventional method, Pandey aims to bring attention to the crucial topic. Yesterday’s conflicting statements from her team had initially shocked the entertainment industry, prompting varied reactions. Pandey, known for her controversial history, gained fame during the 2011 Cricket World Cup and remained in the spotlight through reality shows and films, with her recent stint in ‘Lock Upp’ drawing widespread attention in 2022

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